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VOMWD Eliminates Water Shortage Declaration

Press Release: May 25, 2016
Daniel Muelrath
General Manager

On May 24, 2016 the Valley of the Moon Water District Board of Director’s took action to eliminate the Stage 2 water shortage declaration for their customers.  This action is in response to healthy local water supply conditions and the allowance by the State Water Resources Control Board’s (SWRCB), for the first time during the statewide drought, to allow local water supply and demand to be the basis for determining local water shortage levels.

VOMWD would like to thank our customers for their extraordinary efforts taken during the last four years of drought to reduce water use and exceed the state mandated conservation targets.  With our local water supply (Lake Sonoma) in better condition than normal the District has eliminated the water shortage declaration while still encouraging customers to eliminate waste and continue their water efficient practices.

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2015 Urban Water Management Plan

The Board of Directors of the Valley of the Moon Water District will hold a public hearing on June 7, 2016 at 6:35 p.m. to receive comments on the draft 2015 Urban Water Management Plan (Plan) and to readopt its urban water use target. The purpose of the Plan is to consolidate information regarding water supply and demand, provide public information, and improve statewide water planning. In Conjunction with the update to the Plan, the community must be given an opportunity to give input on the District’s method of determining its urban water use target, the District’s implementation plan for meeting said target, and any impacts to the local economy resulting from this implementation plan. To Review the Plan click here

Proposition 218 Notification

Valley of the Moon Water District Board of Directors is considering an increase to the service charge portion of water bills. In addition any rate increase from our water wholesaler, Sonoma County Water Agency, will be passed through to our customers on the volumetric charges. In compliance with Proposition 218, the District has notified all District customers regarding this proposed rate restructure. District customers will have 45 days to submit a protest letter to the District. Please click on the link below for detailed information on how VOMWD budgets and rates are determined, and for a cost comparison between VOMWD and 16 other local water retailers.

There's a drought on.   Turn the water off.

VOMWD is a member of the Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership. This year due to multiple dry years and the extremely dry fall and winter the Partnership launched a conservation campaign called: "There's a drought on. Turn the water off." For additional information visit and for current drought updates, like VOMWD on Facebook at


OnLine Bill Payment

Pay your bills online with VOMWD Online Utility Billing. Safe, secure and free 24-hour access to your account.  Your bimonthly VOMWD water bill payment amount is transferred from your checking account, or credit card, directly to the VOMWD. With VOMWD Online Utility Billing, your water bill can be paid on the due date automatically. You will no longer have to worry about mailing your payments or about not being able to pay your bills while you are out of town.  Enrollment is easy.

If you are a District customer and would like to make an online payment, click here.


  • This service is free when paying by check (coming directly from your checking account).  There is a nominal charge for using a credit card or debit card.  The credit card fees can vary depending on the rate negotiated with the credit card companies.  The customer will see the amount of fees, if applicable, before selecting the final submit button. The online bill pay program accepts both MasterCard and Visa.

  • Customers can opt for e-bill while registering for online bill payment or at any time.  Customers have the choice to opt back for paper bills, if they wish to do so.

  • If you need assistance with the online bill pay process, please call us at 707 996-1037.

  • If you have any suggestions on how to improve the online bill pay process, we would love to here from you.  Please call the District at 707-996-1037.  Every effort would be made to incorporate your suggestions if possible or feasible.