Valley of the Moon Water District serving the Valley since 1962


This page is your portal to online customer service related activities and helpful information. Here’s an overview of what’s available to you as you navigate the links on this page.  The New Account Registration and Login links at top right provide access to our secure Customer Portal. If you’ve never used the Portal, you must first register for a username and password by clicking on the New Account Registration link.

Using the Portal you can:

Start with the FAQ’s link at the right if you have a specific question about charges on your bill.  Click on the Water Bill link at the right to learn about payment options (including online options). Water Rates link shows our rate structure and explains how rates are set.  Via the Water Service link, you can learn how to read your meter and check for leaks; how to establish a new water connection; the Water Service Frequently Asked Questions answers many of the common questions about your water meter.

To start water service to an existing meter and turn on the water or to transfer an existing service account into your name please complete this application and mail, fax or email to .