Valley of the Moon Water District serving the Valley since 1962

Water Facts

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Did you know...

  • Your drinking water is filtered naturally through sixty feet of riverbed gravel and sand, and meets or exceeds over a hundred different standards for drinking water quality?
  • The amount of water VOMWD delivers on a hot summer day (5 million gallons) could fill 80 million cups of coffee?
  • On average, a VOMWD household (average 2.57 people) uses about 89,000 gallons of water annually for indoor and outdoor use?
  • During our summer months the Russian River is one of the most heavily used streams for canoeing in the nation?
  • Thirty-four species of fish, including steelhead trout, striped bass, American shad, and coho and chinook salmon, call the Russian River watershed and it's tributaries home?
  • Sonoma County Water Agency’s water-inflated rubber dam is the width of the Russian River, tall enough to drive a car through and is equipped with two fish ladders?
  • An acre-foot is the amount of water required to fill one acre of land to a depth of one foot?
  • One acre-foot supplies the annual water needs of approximately two households?

The Russian River

  • Originates in central Mendocino County, approximately 15 miles north of Ukiah
  • Drains 1,485 square miles including much of Sonoma and Mendocino counties
  • Meets the Pacific Ocean at Jenner, 20 miles west of Santa Rosa
  • Main channel length is 110 miles
  • Five principal tributaries: the East Fork of the Russian River, Big Sulphur Creek, Mark West Creek, Maacama Creek, and Dry Creek

The Reservoirs:


Lake Pillsbury on the Eel River
  • Scott Dam: constructed 1921, concrete gravity dam
  • Drainage area: 298 square miles
  • Storage capacity: 81,160 acre-feet

Lake Mendocino on the East Fork of the Russian River

  • Coyote Valley Dam Project: constructed 1959, rolled earth embankment dam
  • Drainage area: 105 square miles
  • Storage capacity: 69,230 acre-feet

Lake Sonoma on Dry Creek

  • Warm Springs Dam: constructed 1984, rolled earth embankment dam
  • Drainage area: 130 square miles
  • Storage capacity: 381,000 acre-feet.