Valley of the Moon Water District serving the Valley since 1962



The district is governed by a five-member board of directors, with each director elected at large (see Board of Directors for more details).

The board appoints a general manager to supervise all district operations. The current general manager is Daniel Muelrath, former Water Resources Sustainability Manager at the City of Santa Rosa.


To view the VOMWD organizational chart, see Document below.


VOMWD operates on a one-year budget cycle. We are currently on the 2015-16 budget. (See below for actual budget.)

VOMWD’s budget is more than a financial document. The expenditures outlined in the budget represent projects, programs and operating and capital needs of VOMWD for the current fiscal year. Our goals include continuing the evaluation of the use of local sources as a supplemental water source option, the continuous improvement of our operations to increase efficiencies while maintaining high quality drinking water and emphasizing service to our customers.

Fiscal Year
(Amount in millions)

2014-15 (Actual)

2015-16 (Budget)

2016-17 (Budget)

2017-18 (Budget)

Operating Expenditures





Debt Service





Capital Improvement Program





TOTAL Disbursement





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