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Online Bill Payment

Save time. Pay your bills online with VOMWD Online Utility Billing. Safe, secure and free 24-hour access to your account.  Your bimonthly VOMWD water bill payment amount is transferred from your checking account, or credit card, directly to the VOMWD. With VOMWD Online Utility Billing, your water bill can be paid on the due date automatically. You will no longer have to worry about mailing your payments or about not being able to pay your bills while you are out of town on business or vacation.

How Does this Work?
After the Customer is registered under the program, VOMWD will deduct funds from a customer's checking account or credit card directly to pay their VOMWD water bill.  Customers will receive water bills (either through mail or online) which includes the amount due and the date the payment will be deducted. If customers have questions about charges on their bills, they will have 10 days to contact the District Office at (707) 996-1037 to discuss the charges.

What are the Benefits of Online Payment to Customers?
No check writing or postage. The only thing customers need to do is remember to review their water bills to make sure the charges on the bill are correct.  If you note a discrepancy on your bill, contact the VOMWD office, just as you would if you were mailing in your bill payment.

What are the Benefits of Online Payment to VOMWD?
VOMWD does not need to process your payment. The transaction is handled directly from bank to bank -- no paper is involved, saving both the District and its customers time and money.

Is there a Charge/Fee to the Customer?
This service is free to Customers when making payments by check.  However, there is a “convenience fee” (currently 3.8%) charged to the Customers when making payments by credit card or debit card. Please note that the debit card needs to contain the visa logo and are treated the same as credit cards as far as processing goes.

How do I Sign Up?
If you are a District customer and would like to make an online payment, click here. If you have not registered for online bill pay, you will have the option to register.

What is an E-Bill?
Customers can request to receive their water bills online (E-Bill), instead of a paper bill through regular mail by signing up (see above).  The advantages include:

*Fast facts on e-Bills and the environment