Valley of the Moon Water District serving the Valley since 1962


Billing Policy

Water Bill: Your water bill is  due and payable upon receipt and must be paid within 21 days from the date of the bill.

Previous Balance and Past Due Charges: Disregard this amount if it has been paid. If amount has not been paid, please contact the District Office immediately at (707)996-1037 to avoid having your water service turned off.

Warning:  Any attempt at delivery of a shut-off notice will occur at least 48 hours prior to termination of service. Any attempt by VOMWD to deliver such notice will result in an automatic $16 charge applied to the customer’s bill. Please note: Customer may not be contacted by phone prior to delivery of a shut-off notice.

Service Charge: All customers on metered service and all customers with off-services utilizing an alternate water supply but wishing to maintain a service commitment from VOMWD shall pay a bimonthly charge based upon meter size to recover the fixed costs associated with meter reading and billing, customer service, meter replacement and repair and a portion of the costs for maintaining your water system.

Fireline Charge: The fireline charge is based on the size of the fireline that your local fire department requires. It covers the costs of billing, servicing your account, maintaining the water pipeline that delivers water to your service, reading and maintaining your water meter and other fixed costs related to maintenance of your water service.

Late Payment Charge: Customers will be assessed a $16.00 charge for each 48 hours notification.  This applies to payments not received at the district office by the due date shown on the front of the bill.

Returned Checks:  Customers will be assessed a $33 charge for each check returned from the bank unpaid. The district reserves the right to charge the maximum allowable by law, which states, ‘three times the face value of the check or $100, whichever is smaller.

Basic Water Use Rate is the tier one rate. The amount of water billed at the tier one rate is determined by the type of residential or non-residential service.

Higher Tiered Rates become effective when the amount specified for tier one use is exceeded.

Start of Service:   Customers (existing and new) will be required to pay a non-refundable startup fee of $20.

Adjustment of Bills:   Please click here for a copy of the District’s Leak Adjustment Policy.

Temporary Service Interruption:  VOMWD reserves the right to discontinue any water service to any customer on a temporary basis, when, in the opinion of the district, any accident, necessary repair, alteration of district facilities or essential operating procedure, including the flushing and cleaning of district facilities, reasonably requires such discontinuance. The district assumes no responsibility or liability for such temporary interruption of water service.

Wastage of Water:  
No customer of the Valley of the Moon Water District shall use or permit the use of potable water from the Valley of the Moon Water District for residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, agricultural, or other purpose for the following nonessential uses:

  1. The washing of sidewalks, walkways, driveways, parking lots and other hard-surfaced areas by direct hosing, except as may be necessary to properly dispose of flammable or other dangerous liquids or substances, wash away spills that present a trip and fall hazard, or to prevent or eliminate materials dangerous to the public health and safety;
  2. The escape of water through breaks or leaks within the customer’s plumbing or private distribution system for any substantial period of time within which such break or leak should reasonably have been discovered and corrected.  It shall be presumed that a period of seventy-two (72) hours after the customer discovers such a break or leak or receives notice from the Valley of the Moon Water District, is a reasonable time within which to correct such break or leak or, at a minimum, to stop the flow of water from such break or leak;
  3. Irrigation in a manner or to an extent which allows excessive run off of water or unreasonable over-spray of the areas being watered.  Every customer is deemed to have his water system under control at all times, to know the manner and extent of his water use and any run off, and to employ available alternatives to apply irrigation water in a reasonably efficient manner;
  4. Washing cars, boats, trailers or other vehicles and machinery directly with a hose not equipped with a shutoff nozzle;
  5. Water for non-recycling decorative water fountains;
  6. Water for single pass evaporative cooling systems for air conditioning in all connections installed after June 6, 2000 unless required for health or safety reasons;
  7. Water for new non-recirculating conveyor car wash systems; and
  8. Water for new non-recirculating industrial clothes wash systems.

Please click here for a copy of the District’s Water Waste Prohibition Ordinance,

California Government Code Section 6254.16

No Requirement to Disclose Utility Usage Data: “Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to require the disclosure of the name, credit history, utility usage data, home address, or telephone number of utility customers of local agencies, except that disclosure of name, utility usage data, and the home address of utility customers of local agencies shall be made available upon request as follows:

Questions concerning your bill should be directed to the District Office at 707-996-1037. The district may terminate service for non-payment or failure to comply with district regulations.