Valley of the Moon Water District serving the Valley since 1962

2015 Urban Water Management Plan

The Urban Water Management Act requires every urban water supplier that provides water for municipal purposes to more than 3,000 connections or supplying more than 3,000 acre feet of water annually, to adopt and submit a plan every five years to the California Department of Water Resources.  The District recently prepared the 2015 Urban Water Management Plan (2015 UWMP).  The 2015 UWMP addresses the District’s water system and includes a description of the water supply sources, magnitudes of historical and projected water use, and a comparison of water supply to water demands during normal, single-dry, and multiple-dry years.  The 2015 UWMP serves as a long-range planning document for the District’s water supply. The 2015 UWMP was adopted on June 7th 2016 at the Regular Board of Directors Meeting.

Please click here for a copy of the 2015 Urban Water Management Plan.